Terms & Conditions

These are the terms and conditions for the Sydney Harbour Motorcycle Club also referred to in this document at SHMCC.

  1. The SHMCC exists for the support and entertainment of its members.
  2. The SHMCC will never knowingly participate in, be a part of nor instigate any illegal activity in any part of the world where it has a membership base.
  3. There are and will be no individual chapters or breakaway groups of the SHMCC.
  4. All decisions are made by the SHMCC executive and those decisions are final and binding.
  5. All SHMCC members details will be kept in a fully secure file and will never be sold or rented.
  6. The SHMCC is strictly a Virtual Club. It has no club house as it exists strictly online.
  7. All SHMCC memberships must be renewed annually.
  8. SHMCC membership dog tags may only be purchased by members.
  9. Any SHMCC membership may be terminated at anytime by the individual member or by SHMCC.
  10. SHMCC members acknowledge that by becoming members they do not own or control any SHMCC assets nor are they responsible for any SHMCC liabilities.
  11. All SHMCC activities and events are subject to local laws and regulations.
  12. SHMCC activities and events may be organised in any part of the world where there are sufficient members to support such events or activities.
  13. All online content on any SHMCC online publication is the property of SHMCC and may not be copied or used in any way without written permission from SHMCC.
  14. SHMCC will from time to time email SHMCC members with information relevant to motorcycles and the safe enjoyment of motorcycling.
  15. All SHMCC emails will contain the SHMCC logo and be subject to the standard unsubscribe function.
  16. By becoming a SHMCC member you acknowledge that you are a member of a virtual organisation which exists purely online.
  17. All events and activities are organised by local event companies in the country, region, town or city where those events or activities are being held. The responsibility of SHMCC management and staff is to secure the services of the appropriate event organisers and ensure full and proper payment for their services.
  18. All trophies and awards will be supplied by SHMCC.
  19. SHMCC has no religious, political, racial or special interest affiliations. SHMCC is not a part of or affiliated to any other club of any description anywhere in the world.
  20. SHMCC may be contacted by email at rider@sydneyharbourmcc.com.au or by surface mail at PO Box 1455 Crows Nest NSW Australia 1585.