Sydney Harbour MCC Membership Application

Sydney Harbour Motorcycle Club has members in over 30 countries including:

Australia, New Zealand, South Africa, Egypt, Great Britain, Pakistan, India, United States, Canada, Cuba, Colombia, Russia, Germany, France, Bangladesh, China, Argentina, Cambodia, Afghanistan, Iceland, Sweden, Zimbabwe, Philippines, Netherlands, Greece, Italy, Vietnam, Poland, Mexico, Jamaica, Austria, Brazil, Ukraine, Qatar, Spain, Peru and South Korea.

Our virtual motorcycle club is one of the fastest growing clubs in the world not just because of our super low (us$10 per year) membership fees but also for the fact that anyone anywhere in the world can now belong to a club with no geographical, religious, racial or political filters. Everyone is welcome and everyone gets to share in our club activities in their own country.

Membership US$10 per year

Initial Membership includes the latest fashion chrome dog tags with your name and membership number engraved. In the event of accident your ID can be confirmed securely via the SHMCC website. The Personalised Engraved Dog Tags (see below) are US$15 including postage. The US$15 is only charged once to pay for the dog tags, meaning that your first payment is US$25 and US$10 per year from the second year onwards.

After you submit your payment, you will be directed to another page to complete your postage details.

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Membership is $10 per year. Dog Tags are $15.00 - a once up fee only

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