Dog Tags

motorcycle club dog tagsAs well as being one of the most popular unisex fashion accessories dog tags can also serve a very important function in case of an emergency.

Sydney Harbour Motorcycle Club dog tags display the SHMCC logo on one side and the members Name, Membership Number and Country on the reverse side. These items are laser engraved and the tags themselves are made of high quality stainless steel designed to last a lifetime.

So Why Are SHMCC Dog Tags So Important?

Because when you join the Sydney Harbour Motorcycle Club (SHMCC) we record the following information on our fully encrypted secure database.

Your: Name, Address, Phone Number, Email Address, Emergency Contact Person and their contact number.

Should something untoward happen to you anywhere in the world the local medical services or police can email your membership number to SHMCC and we can provide them with your ID and emergency contact details. On the very few occasions this has happened those details have been instrumental in the identification and subsequent treatment of our members.

We will ONLY provide your personal details to a hospital, medical centre or police force by way of verified email. We will never disclose your personal details to anyone else.

There is NO ADDITIONAL COST for this emergency notification service. We will also update your personal details up to twice a year at no cost.

To get your dog tags, become a member now.

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