About Sydney Harbour Motorcycle Club

Historically the first record of a motorcycle goes all the way back to 1867 when the Paris based bicycle manufacturer Michaux et Cie fitted a miniature steam engine to one of their bicycle designs and “voila” the first motorcycle was Invented.

90 years later in 1957 a group of 8 motorcyclists were parked near Luna Park in the shadow of the Sydney Harbour Bridge having lunch and chatting about organising a bike rally from Sydney to Newcastle and back. There was no purpose to this adventure but rather a challenge between the 8 friends to see who could complete the return trip the fastest with bike, rider and licence intact.

As it turned out 2 of the riders crashed, 1 pulled out with mechanical problems, 2 others got flat tyres and of the 3 who were left Reg Withers made it back to Luna Park in the winning time of 6 hours and 53 minutes.

Three weeks later after crash wounds had healed, tyres mended and engine repaired, the 8 friends met again to plan their next adventure except this time one of the 8 suggested that they should call their group something. Given their immediate location under the Sydney Harbour Bridge on Sydney Harbour the name Sydney Harbour Motorcycle Club was born.

Over the last 50 or so years the membership of Sydney Harbour MCC has grown from 8 to over 10,000. There is no clubhouse, no board of directors and no uniform. Until recently there has not even been a website or official social media presence.

In late 2014 one of our members put forward an idea to ramp up the club by creating a virtual clubhouse via a website, a social media campaign and official Sydney Harbour MCC membership tags.

It was also suggested that membership be open to men and women from all over the world with an online register of those members via the new website.

So moving on to 2015 stage one of the Sydney Harbour MCC website is now operational as is the Facebook Page and the Google Plus page.

For the record the Sydney Harbour MCC (motorcycle club) has no political or religious affiliations, prejudices or associations. We are solely for the support of our members. We are not associated with nor aligned to any other motorcycle club anywhere in the world although we will publicise approved motorcycle events on behalf of other motorcycle clubs and associated industries.

If you are a motorcycle enthusiast anywhere in the world we encourage you to become a member of the Sydney Harbour Motorcycle Club and join us in our promotions and activities worldwide.