Sydney Harbour Motorcycle Club

Established by an avid group of motorcycle riders on the shores of Sydney Harbour back in 1957 the Sydney Harbour Motorcycle Club is one of the world’s oldest continuously operating motorcycle clubs. With a growing membership and a quest for more recognition Sydney Harbour MCC have now opened our membership to motorcycle riders world wide with membership available for just US$10 per year. Click HERE to find out.

Sydney Harbour Motorcycle Club Membership

US $10 per year
The Once Only US$15 Setup Fee Is For Your Personal SHMCC Engraved Dog Tags
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The Sydney Harbour Motorcycle Club is for all intents and purposes a virtual club with real members, events and activities. Until 2014 it has almost exclusively operated out of Sydney with most or our members living within 100 kilometres of Sydney.
As part of our expansion we invite you to join our club no matter where you live anywhere in the world. And yes, you will be able to say with 100% certainty that you belong to one of the oldest motorcycle clubs in the world. Don’t put it off, don’t think about it. Click HERE and join us today.